Global public health development goals: Paul Farmer on who lives and who dies.

Global public health development goals: Paul Farmer on who lives and who dies.. Economics should never have sought to divorce itself from the other social sciences and can advance only in conjunction with them. -Thomas Picketty A day late for World Health Day. I hope my prof won’t mind if I share an article from this […]


Y’all, I’ve lived nearly all my adult life in rural Virginia. I’ve tried to leave it and do something shinier with my life, to no avail. It calls me back. As I hone in on where I want my practice to go I’m more and more certain that health care access and preventative care issues […]

It’s World AIDS Day. Epi changes in HIV/AIDS.

CDC – Geographic Distribution – Statistics Overview – Statistics Center – HIV/AIDS. Some highlights: -> Largest percentage of newly diagnosed infections: The South -> Largest percentage of people living with AIDS: Dixie -> Largest percentage of deaths from AIDS: Former Confederate States of America Racial disparity also observed (new diagnosis highest in African-American population, particularly African-American […]

Think globally, outrage locally.

One of the volunteers at our tiny county’s only food bank/emergency assistance provider/shelter is always wearing a t-shirt that says IF YOU AREN’T OUTRAGED YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION. He’s one of the gentlest guys I know–a middle aged black man living in rural poverty who relies on the food bank and is its most faithful volunteer. […]

Mississippi, Burned – Sarah Varney – POLITICO Magazine

The previous post is mostly head, but this story is the heart. Atul Gawande, to whom I have a small altar in my closet, says it is essential. Mississippi, Burned – Sarah Varney – POLITICO Magazine.

RAM: Remote Area Medicine

RAM is well know within the VA healthcare community. Clinics are held in tents, trailers, and the Wise County Fairgrounds’ livestock stalls. Lines are legendary. People sleep in cars and on the open ground for days to get a chance to have teeth pulled, rudimentary diagnostics, and the scant amount of education and management of chronic […]

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