nursing school

Waiting for NCLEX.

Good news: I graduated! Along with the smartest, finest looking group of nurses this side of anywhere. We are all pretty sure we’re going to fix health care. Be on the lookout. Bad news: I hurt my back moving boxes and carrying around my 45 pound child. Good news: It’s you and me laptop stuck […]

Emergency Landing.

Almost a month and no posts?! My rants have been diverted into papers for a phenomenal policy course I am taking this semester and my links to articles aren’t making it past a retweet. So here’s my word picture for you: I am emergency landing an Airbus A320 containing all of my adult life on the Hudson […]

A complete novice refutes the statements of a qualified professional

Why I oppose payment reform- Alan Weil, Health Affairs Blog Interesting article but I’ve got counterpoints ’cause I’m a student with more opinions than I have a right to and am cocksure enough to comment on statements made by the editor-in-chief of Health Affairs. Summaries of his points are in bold. Please read his article regarding opposing […]

Where the strength comes from.

This week has been crushing. Just crushing. I’ve been looking for something to settle the outrage. It’s the stuff needed by everyone who practices moral distress for a living. The things that get you by when 5 out of six patients in the ICU are bodies begging to be let die. When you feel helpless, without recourse, […]

A seat at the table. Psst this is a feminist issue.

I spent all day yesterday and half of today at the hospital, then the other half of today writing a paper about my profession, then came home and watched this 26 min documentary about the future of nursing. I am so thoroughly in brainwashed/in love (that’s the same thing, right?). I’m on board with all […]

Heath Insurance 101, for those who have.

For my nursing school people, basic health insurance components/jargon demystified. Also, I wrote you a vocab list and a little story, too. <3 Premium: monthly cost (often split between individual and employer OR fed gov’t subsidy (ACA Healthcare Marketplace, Medicare) OR state gov’t (Medicaid). Copay: Set amount of $ you have to pay to see a doc/receive […]

Heart haiku (as requested)

you twisted around the isoelectric line torsades de pointes

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