United States Health Care Reform:  Progress to Date and Next Steps | JAMA | JAMA Network

The president got published in JAMA! This is a lovely, academic, chock-full-of line graphs sum up of the past 6 years of changes. Uninsured rates are way down, access and quality measures improving. The economy has responded positively. The health care world is topsy-turvy, and it is undeniably rough in the ranks of hospital management. […]

From the E.R. to the Courtroom: How Nonprofit Hospitals Are Seizing Patients’ Wages – ProPublica

Under federal law, nonprofit hospitals must offer care at a reduced cost to lower income patients, a service often called charity care. But crucial details—how poor patients need to be, how much bills are reduced, and how policies are publicized—are left to the hospital. The Affordable Care Act empowered the IRS to set new requirements […]

Open Access. For journals. For everything.

The journals that publish those papers are, in many cases, for-profit institutions — and they prefer charging for access. via The Gates Foundation pushes to make more academic research free and open to the public – Vox. The (TAXPAYER FUNDED) National Institutes of Health, which spends about $30 billion yearly on medical research, began in […]

How Obamacare Lowers Your Property Taxes – Forbes

How Obamacare Lowers Your Property Taxes – Forbes. Key point: A snapshot of this trend can be seen in Cook County, Illinois, where the public hospital system has seen a decrease in patients who cannot pay their bills thanks to the law’s expanded Medicaid health insurance for poor Americans. Long and short–Medicaid expansion offers insurance to […]

Mississippi, Burned – Sarah Varney – POLITICO Magazine

The previous post is mostly head, but this story is the heart. Atul Gawande, to whom I have a small altar in my closet, says it is essential. Mississippi, Burned – Sarah Varney – POLITICO Magazine.

Falling into the gap.

Midsummer 2012 the supreme court upheld the majority of the provisions of the ACA, and people like me who had made every major life decision since turning 22 based on where I could get health insurance (hello preexisting conditions) breathed a deep sigh of relief, wept one tear, and took a long nap. Fast-forward to […]

No one in the ICU is having their best day.

Just home from a shift. CHF patient. Went for a long run. I need you left ventricle! Promise you’ll never fail me. God help me I’m ready for the point in my education when I can stop seeing myself in that hospital bed. Also, healthcare acquired infections haunt my dreams.

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