chronic illness

Friendly neighborhood sick person weighs in on health care debate.

When I used to freak out about losing my health insurance/access to care, not being able to afford medicine, I always pictured my parents losing their house to pay my medical bills. It was the greatest loss imaginable. In the past months my catastrophizing has changed. Now, my mother won’t sell her home, cash out […]

Poems for the MRI

No matter how much time I do in the MRI I always go in a nervous wreck. My favorite writer and spirit guide David Rakoff (whose death nearly three years ago from a sarcoma secondary to radiation treatment for lymphoma in his 20’s has left the saddest and most fearful absence) gave some fantastic advice […]

Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies and My Cancer: The Wrecker of All Normalcy

Video: Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies Trailer | Watch Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies Online | PBS Video. You’re all watching this, right? You’ve already watched it? Good. I need to re-watch a time or two more before I give you my bullet points, but wow. Hot off the press for my policy […]

Emergency Landing.

Almost a month and no posts?! My rants have been diverted into papers for a phenomenal policy course I am taking this semester and my links to articles aren’t making it past a retweet. So here’s my word picture for you: I am emergency landing an Airbus A320 containing all of my adult life on the Hudson […]

Dr. Bill Thomas, aging, and de-depressing the nursing home

image Nobody is excited to be in a nursing home. Same deal for most nurses. In a terrible turn of events, a place with exploding need for professional nursing care is the most maligned of places to work. And if you’ve spent time in one, visiting an elder or maybe a loved one enduring a long […]

Poetry Friday

I spent the morning sitting in a sunny spot watching birds at my feeder. Hence this poem. Reading it again now after many years, weepy, remembering being so moved even as a 20 year old kid whose main worry was where the keg at. Before sickness and aging elders became my wheelhouse. I can draw […]

Now everyone feels bad about the pies.

(Image from CDC) Happy day after Thanksgiving. Now that we’re all in regret mode, diabetes! This is a slow-motion public health train wreck, amiright? And it’s another marker of race disparity in health… but I’ll save that for another day. Diagnostic for diabetes: Hemoglobin A1C>=6.5 OR 8 hour fasting plasma glucose of >= 126 mg/dl OR […]

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