FDA Proposes Easing Lifetime Ban On Blood Donations By Gay Men | Kaiser Health News

image FDA Proposes Easing Lifetime Ban On Blood Donations By Gay Men | Kaiser Health News. Let’s look at some facts and data, shall we? Then I’ve got questions. Statement from the FDA. From Red Cross: What it means: Blood is tested for antibodies to HIV 1&2 as part of the battery of tests performed […]

Poetry from the AIDS Epidemic, another for World AIDS Day

Excerpt of “Atlantis” by Mark Doty About his partner with AIDS  6. NEW DOG Jimi and Tony can’t keep Dino, their cocker spaniel; Tony’s too sick, the daily walks more pressure than pleasure, one more obligation that can’t be met. And though we already have a dog, Wally wants to adopt, wants something small and golden to […]

It’s World AIDS Day. Epi changes in HIV/AIDS.

CDC – Geographic Distribution – Statistics Overview – Statistics Center – HIV/AIDS. Some highlights: -> Largest percentage of newly diagnosed infections: The South -> Largest percentage of people living with AIDS: Dixie -> Largest percentage of deaths from AIDS: Former Confederate States of America Racial disparity also observed (new diagnosis highest in African-American population, particularly African-American […]

TBT to an actual American epidemic

For the time being the news cycle won’t let go of Ebola in the US. I’m not interested in that, but thanks to Ebola you no doubt have heard of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease) at NIH. Dr. Fauci took that post in 1984 and the man […]

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