Administration threatens legal immigrant use of social service benefits, I throw fit

Kaiser Health News reports that the Department of Homeland Security will find strongly unfavorable the use of any publicly available benefits by legal immigrants (holders of permanent resident status often called “green cards,” refugee status, students visas, and the like). These documents need periodic renewal. This is a threat to the hundreds of thousands of immigrants […]

2018 goal—fix health care

So that might not happen, but at the very least a continuing resolution for CHIP, children’s health insurance that covers nearly 9 million kids, is achievable. As for the rest; it is important to have goals. I’ve got faith.

Insurers Can Reduce Drug Prices, If Policymakers Let Them…

‘ Source: Insurers Can Reduce Drug Prices, If Policymakers Let Them Wading into the waters of prescription drug pricing. Interesting article, but I’ve got some counterpoints. Health consumers are not the same as, say, durable goods consumers. You want a kitchen remodel, but you won’t unexpectedly wake up in a home store having purchased a Viking […]

United States Health Care Reform:  Progress to Date and Next Steps | JAMA | JAMA Network

The president got published in JAMA! This is a lovely, academic, chock-full-of line graphs sum up of the past 6 years of changes. Uninsured rates are way down, access and quality measures improving. The economy has responded positively. The health care world is topsy-turvy, and it is undeniably rough in the ranks of hospital management. […]

Global public health development goals: Paul Farmer on who lives and who dies.

Global public health development goals: Paul Farmer on who lives and who dies.. Economics should never have sought to divorce itself from the other social sciences and can advance only in conjunction with them. -Thomas Picketty A day late for World Health Day. I hope my prof won’t mind if I share an article from this […]

Can you pay my bills, can you pay my medical bills.

image I have enough of these to wallpaper a plane hangar. Here is a basic one: EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS, aka the fine print. (Click on it to enlarge). They are as predictable as the weather and if you get into the details you can see the retail price (for the uninsured) and the wholesale price […]

The Story of Medicare-Video from the Kaiser Family Foundation

image I booed, I cheered, I said OH SNAP when the senior protesters lost it on Reagan for passing a bill on the backs of the elderly. Thanks to Dr. Rick Mayes for making this part of our coursework.

Can This Treatment Help Me? There’s a Statistic for That –

image Can This Treatment Help Me? There’s a Statistic for That – Who over the age of 65 doesn’t take an aspirin a day? For every medical intervention practitioners look at a cost/benefit analysis. Sometimes it’s a big deal–we surgically remove the tumor on your spine at great risk to your life and mobility, but […]

From the E.R. to the Courtroom: How Nonprofit Hospitals Are Seizing Patients’ Wages – ProPublica

Under federal law, nonprofit hospitals must offer care at a reduced cost to lower income patients, a service often called charity care. But crucial details—how poor patients need to be, how much bills are reduced, and how policies are publicized—are left to the hospital. The Affordable Care Act empowered the IRS to set new requirements […]

Where is my mind?

image I have really enjoyed dropping off the face of the earth for a few days. The academic schedule suits my glutton-for-punishment alternating with complete and total slacker personality. Of course I can be as maniacal at slacking as I am at work. Over the past week I read a 700 page novel in time to […]

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