How The Shutdown Might Affect Your Health | Kaiser Health News

IN SHORT: CDC is the hub for all infectious disease activity in the United States. Every positive flu test goes to those great women and gents, and they generate the data to color the maps that inform the public and help health departments and hospitals and pharmaceutical companies shift around the resources needed to care […]

No more free birth control, says President

That’s right. I was pretty stoked about the Affordable Care Act requirement that birth control to be 100% covered by all insurance plans. What a great thing! To not have to pay more for health care simply because you have a uterus! To make accessible the means of controlling when you will have children, thereby increasing […]

A few words mustered on AHCA

I want to credit the journalists, academics, and my fellow healthcare providers who continue to write in this inhospitable-to-truths environment. I don’t know how you do it. I’m hotter than a billy goat in a pepper patch. I can’t put it together. I can barely speak. On this blog I’ve made the turn from facts […]

Medicaid block grant HC Triage and a quiz.

So you’re an audio/visual learner. Maybe you prefer to watch Aaron Carroll talk about Medicaid block grants on Healthcare Triage. Five minutes to being smart enough to policy wrestle any date in the D.C. metro area this week. THERE WILL BE A QUIZ. 1.) What are some of the “perverse incentives” created by Medicaid’s current […]

EXPLAINER: How Would Republican Plans for Medicaid Block Grants Actually Work?

  There’s no magic in how Congress reduces spending under a block grant mechanism. It just says it will do so, and leaves the hard decisions to others. It’s possible that some states will come up with solutions we haven’t been able to see before, and find a way to reduce spending without causing problems. […]

Zika Virus Update from Dr. Fauci

DEET. Use it liberally. You might have noticed that one of my favorite humans in health care is Dr. Fauci, Director of NIAID. Link below is his review of Zika up to now. It is solid and made for laypeople. He’s of the older school (patriarchal but not exclusive to male MDs) where doctors were bosses, […]

Some of the information wants to be free

Some of the information wants to be free.

International Women’s Day. 

In the old days, when we were in need of entertainment my spouse might offer up this question: “What time in history would you most like to live in?”  “Do I get to be a man? Cause if not I’m not going anywhere.” I like that I can own property. Maybe I will someday! I […]

Obama’s Op-ed

 If the criminal justice system is the largest provider of mental health services in the US, then I think Obama’s executive action on solitary confinement is relevant health policy. Give the op-ed a read. I’m enjoying so very much the final lap of his presidency as I see, to quote him quoting every lapsed Catholic’s […]

RFK on MLK and the actual struggle.

Graduate school has decided to be acutely painful in its final days. I’m couch-surfing through my last week. After that my friends I will resume responsibilities as mother, occasional blog writer, and amateur critic of everything that crosses my path. Had to share this as I went down a rabbit hole on a health policy […]

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