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I’ve been lucky this past many months. One day a week I am a home infusion nurse, caring for the same patient each week. It brings me all the satisfaction of hands-on trouble shooting and the technical skills of clinical care. Also, it’s a leisurely visit with a person I care about and plenty of […]

How to turn that blog into your content marketing strategy! (Melissa liveblogging from AMWA)

Some people will sign up for an aspirational marathon, hoping that this act will give them the discipline they need to get out and train so they don’t die (of humiliation of rhabdomyolisis) on race day. I have a habit of signing up for public speaking gigs that are a bit over my head, hoping […]

Fun with writing: OptumCare Clinician Insights

Some years ago I was catching up with an old friend who has a prominent position at a managed care company. Intimating that I might want her to help me get a new job, she offered “sure, if you’re okay with coming to the dark side.” My answer? There is no dark side. In health […]

Five painless ways to network and market your business (even if you’re a certified introvert)

Writers and scientists are not known for their outgoing natures. Personally, I have been criticized for my habit of bringing books to parties. Having these characteristics, I find the self-employed person’s mandate to “SELL YOURSELF!” a challenge. Fortunately, in the business of writing most work is found through networking, and with a small amount of […]

Site changes and how a freelancer lives!

Note: I did do a conference call. It’s not all Jenga and mac and cheese.

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