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How to turn that blog into your content marketing strategy! (Melissa liveblogging from AMWA)

Some people will sign up for an aspirational marathon, hoping that this act will give them the discipline they need to get out and train so they don’t die (of humiliation of rhabdomyolisis) on race day.

I have a habit of signing up for public speaking gigs that are a bit over my head, hoping that I will have the discipline to cultivate an expertise and create a presentation solid enough that I don’t die of being stoned to death by my colleagues as an impostor.

Today is race day, people!

I am currently presenting on blogging as a content marketing strategy for medical writers at the American Medical Writers Association Mid-Atlantic Conference. Here is my AMWA blog presentation. This is intended to be part instructional manual but mostly a conversation vehicle, so if you are using it for learning and feel there is a gap, send me an email and I will be delighted to fill you in!

Wish me luck and to remember all my passwords, people.

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