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Fun with writing: OptumCare Clinician Insights

Some years ago I was catching up with an old friend who has a prominent position at a managed care company. Intimating that I might want her to help me get a new job, she offered “sure, if you’re okay with coming to the dark side.” My answer? There is no dark side. In health care, every side has shown me good actors and bad. Pharma cures cancer, pharma robs us blind. Managed care denies our claims, managed care is the only thing holding the health system responsible for best practices. Nurses and doctors are angels, nurses and doctors are HOLDING ME PRISONER! (That last one is a direct patient quote).

Here’s the lesson: there are a lot of people spending their waking hours trying to make health care better and more accessible. Far more than the opposite. Since August I’ve been interviewing medical directors and working with people at OptumCare to develop a site called Clinician Insights where some of the best ideas under their large and growing umbrella can be shared. It’s been an absolute pleasure. Eye-opening and heartening to hear about the amount of good, science based, proven effective hard work these doctors and their teams undertake to improve the health care world for their patients.

In partnership with OptumCare providers, this resource library was designed to share insights, best practices, research and much more. The site went live in January and is in the building up phase. I’m proud to get to pick the brains of these leaders and write the articles that share their work.

Source: OptumCare Clinician Insights

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