May, 2017

St. Elizabeths Asylum, Washington, DC.

Lo, I did write thee a splendid piece on my visit to the National Building Museum exhibit on Washington, DC’s great Asylum hospital, St. Elizabeths (no apostrophe). But ay I did it waiting for a surgery to close, needing something to do something with my nervous energy. The patient, when asked the standard pre-surgical question […]

Happy nurses week my people of the people.

Here is what I know about nurses in year two of my practice: We are the strongest threads in our community quilt. Binding the diversity of incomes, ages, and cultures together with help, healing, and unconditional (sometimes tough) love. We can simultaneously hold a cynical view of our fellow man and have the deepest reservoir […]

Let me take you to church. I got a sermon.

Here is my message of hope: I woke up today and the sun was shining. The dog and the cat were playing tag in the backyard. The birds were all fighting for mates, their adorably loud courting rituals. Looking for love. Amen, chickadees. Butterflies will be back from Mexico soon. I’ll ask them about their […]

A few words mustered on AHCA

I want to credit the journalists, academics, and my fellow healthcare providers who continue to write in this inhospitable-to-truths environment. I don’t know how you do it. I’m hotter than a billy goat in a pepper patch. I can’t put it together. I can barely speak. On this blog I’ve made the turn from facts […]

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