December, 2014

An inscrutable brand of optimism and another poem.

This year: some victories and some defeats, human race. But we are brave and we adapt. We recycle our garbage. We try again. And if that doesn’t do it for you then know inevitably just like every dominant species before, eventually we’ll be gone. This beautiful blue marble will subsume us and our refuse and something […]

BBC Radio 4 The Future of Medicine – Dr Atul Gawande – 2014 Reith Lectures

image BBC Radio 4 – The Reith Lectures, Dr Atul Gawande: The Future of Medicine – Dr Atul Gawande – 2014 Reith Lectures. Gleaned from these lectures, questions IMO we should ask all patients. At least once a day for those in the hospital: “What is your understanding of where you are with your condition or […]

Big Hero 6, starring a nurse, tears of sad and tears of happy.

image I don’t advise anyone to have children (period, cause that’s none of my business) but if I did my first pro argument would be the super children’s movies out there. This week we took my son to see Big Hero 6. It was the greatest. Baymax the robot, main character, IS A NURSE and the best thing […]

FDA Proposes Easing Lifetime Ban On Blood Donations By Gay Men | Kaiser Health News

image FDA Proposes Easing Lifetime Ban On Blood Donations By Gay Men | Kaiser Health News. Let’s look at some facts and data, shall we? Then I’ve got questions. Statement from the FDA. From Red Cross: What it means: Blood is tested for antibodies to HIV 1&2 as part of the battery of tests performed […]

From the E.R. to the Courtroom: How Nonprofit Hospitals Are Seizing Patients’ Wages – ProPublica

Under federal law, nonprofit hospitals must offer care at a reduced cost to lower income patients, a service often called charity care. But crucial details—how poor patients need to be, how much bills are reduced, and how policies are publicized—are left to the hospital. The Affordable Care Act empowered the IRS to set new requirements […]

Where is my mind?

image I have really enjoyed dropping off the face of the earth for a few days. The academic schedule suits my glutton-for-punishment alternating with complete and total slacker personality. Of course I can be as maniacal at slacking as I am at work. Over the past week I read a 700 page novel in time to […]

My free birth control!

Today I marched into my OB’s office and got myself a shiny new long acting reversible contraception/LARC installed. I keep calling it a LARP but that’s another thing entirely. IUDs/LARCs are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and perfect use is pretty much guaranteed. No missed pills or whoopsies with the condom. The hormonal IUD delivers […]

Poetry Monday.

image Enlightenment BY NATASHA TRETHEWEY In the portrait of Jefferson that hangs         at Monticello, he is rendered two-toned: his forehead white with illumination — a lit bulb — the rest of his face in shadow,         darkened as if the artist meant to contrast his bright knowledge, its dark subtext. By 1805, when Jefferson […]

A complete novice refutes the statements of a qualified professional

Why I oppose payment reform- Alan Weil, Health Affairs Blog Interesting article but I’ve got counterpoints ’cause I’m a student with more opinions than I have a right to and am cocksure enough to comment on statements made by the editor-in-chief of Health Affairs. Summaries of his points are in bold. Please read his article regarding opposing […]


Y’all, I’ve lived nearly all my adult life in rural Virginia. I’ve tried to leave it and do something shinier with my life, to no avail. It calls me back. As I hone in on where I want my practice to go I’m more and more certain that health care access and preventative care issues […]

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