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Martin Luther King, Jr., the dream of economic justice and its health influence.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday is our most important national holiday. What matters most, and the lecture I must give to every postman, fireman, cameraman, ombudsman, and tin man who crosses my path on January 21st, is that MLK was killed as he mounted the more difficult but most essential piece of his life’s work. Addressing […]

Should we be scared about scans? WaPo Outlook response. Quick tip: Before any test, as patient or clinician, be sure can answer “What choice will I make if this is positive? What choice will I make if it is negative?” If the answer is the same in both scenarios, you don’t need the test! I like this article from a patient education […]

Losing a friend to cancer

I have no special knowledge of my friend Maggie’s years of cancer treatment. I can’t know how her loss will hurt her family. I do want to get her GoFundMe campaign farther into the world. I knew Maggie as a high school athlete friend, a mommy friend, and a fellow young adult with cancer. I write this […]

Administration threatens legal immigrant use of social service benefits, I throw fit

Kaiser Health News reports that the Department of Homeland Security will find strongly unfavorable the use of any publicly available benefits by legal immigrants (holders of permanent resident status often called “green cards,” refugee status, students visas, and the like). These documents need periodic renewal. This is a threat to the hundreds of thousands of immigrants […]

Preparing for disaster is a civic responsibility.

First things first: There is a person saying that the mortality count from Hurricane Maria is a political trick. It is not. Here’s the source, found in Sheri Fink’s August 28, 2018 article for the New York Times (emphasis mine): The revision came just hours after the release of a new assessment of excess deaths in the […]

I’ve been lucky this past many months. One day a week I am a home infusion nurse, caring for the same patient each week. It brings me all the satisfaction of hands-on trouble shooting and the technical skills of clinical care. Also, it’s a leisurely visit with a person I care about and plenty of […]

Nurses’ week profile from OptumCare Clinician Insights

This past month the great people I work with at client Optum, interviewing subject matter experts and writing content for their Clinician Insights website, gave a great push to acknowledge nurses’ week. Together we went from concept to published article in under a month. Considering that the process is for a corporate client with markets blanketing the […]

How to turn that blog into your content marketing strategy! (Melissa liveblogging from AMWA)

Some people will sign up for an aspirational marathon, hoping that this act will give them the discipline they need to get out and train so they don’t die (of humiliation of rhabdomyolisis) on race day. I have a habit of signing up for public speaking gigs that are a bit over my head, hoping […]

Surgery: what are you consenting to?

In the hospital recovery room, receiving patients from the OR goes like this: sometimes you have the chance to review their medical record between the time you are assigned and when they arrive. Sometimes (like when they are coming through the doors and someone calls your name), you don’t. A body shaped lump of warm […]

Fun with writing: OptumCare Clinician Insights

Some years ago I was catching up with an old friend who has a prominent position at a managed care company. Intimating that I might want her to help me get a new job, she offered “sure, if you’re okay with coming to the dark side.” My answer? There is no dark side. In health […]

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